La Villa

Hill to the Wind is an evocative hill encircled from olive trees, cedri and lecci, than of it they make a charming and ideal place for one relaxant vacation in the heart of the camapagna senese. Dipped in the quiet ones of this nature Village is found Laughed Villa, a[…]


The flat was obtained from the ancient stable where the thoroughbred horses of the first owners of Villa Risi were kept. It can be accessed to through a beautiful porch equipped with outdoor furniture onto which open three glass doors overlooking the garden. The flat allows to enjoy a wonderful[…]


The flat, which was obtained from the old barn, is situated on the western edge of the village and can be reached from a paved terrace of earthenware tiles which forms the charming external yard equipped with garden furniture. The entrance door leads directly to the lounge dining area provided[…]


The apartment is adjacent to the main house is furnished in classic Tuscan style. It can be reached by a staircase that leads directly to the front door. Your gateway to introduce into the living room furnished with 2 sofas, plasma TV, table and kitchen equipped with stove, oven and[…]


Situated on the small square (private yard), it is provided with an independent entrance through a big glass partition with arch dating back to 1829; ceilings are made of visible beams. The flat was obtained from a stable and from the ancient wood oven. Inside there is the lounge dining[…]


Charming flat obtained from the ancient barn of the village, furnished in the classical Tuscan style. The flat can be accessed to from the small square equipped with garden furniture and beach umbrella (private yard). The flat expands o two floors. On the ground floor there is the lounge area[…]

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